pbcommand View Rules

View Rule Models

class pbcommand.models.DataStoreViewRule(source_id, file_type_id, is_hidden, name='', description='')[source]

Bases: object

Rule specifying if and how the UI should display a datastore file.

  • source_id – Unique source id of the datastore file
  • file_type_id – File Type id of the datastore file
  • is_hidden – Mark the file has hidden
  • name – Display name of the file
  • description – Description of the file
static from_dict(d)[source]
class pbcommand.models.PipelineDataStoreViewRules(pipeline_id, smrtlink_version, rules=())[source]

Bases: object

A collection of DataStoreViewRule objects associated with a pipeline.

static from_dict(d)[source]
static load_from_json(path)[source]