pbcommand API docs

The pbcommand package provides Python modules for common data models, building commandline tools (e.g., ToolContract, CLI parser interface) and interacting with the SMRT Link webservices.

Library API documentation

pbcommand Utils: Util functions

pbcommand Models: Core models

pbcommand Models: Registered File Types

pbcommand Tool Contract Tool Contract data model

pbcommand Resolved Tool Contract Resolved Tool Contract data model

pbcommand Engine: Util functions for calling an external process

pbcommand Commandline Interface: Commandline interface

pbcommand IO Tool Contract and Resolved Tool Contract: IO to load Tool Contract and Resolved Tool Contracts

pbcommand IO Pipeline: IO to load Pipeline and Pipeline Chunk

pbcommand Task Option Types: PacBio Task Options models

pbcommand Client to SMRT Link Services and Service Data Models: Client API to SMRT Link WebServices

pbcommand View Rules: View Rules used by SMRT Link WebServices