SMRT Service commandline interface

A high level client to the SMRT Link Services is accessible from ServiceAccessLayer in

Client Layer


In [1]: from import ServiceAccessLayer

In [2]: s = ServiceAccessLayer("smrtlink-alpha", 8081)

In [3]: s.get_status()
{u'id': u'smrtlink_analysis',
 u'message': u'Services have been up for 141 hours, 37 minutes and 13.138 seconds.',
 u'uptime': 509833138,
 u'user': u'secondarytest',
 u'uuid': u'12e1c62a-99a4-46c1-b616-a327dc38525f',
 u'version': u'0.1.8-3a66e4a'}

In [4]: jobs = s.get_analysis_jobs()

In [5]: j = s.get_analysis_job_by_id(3)

In [6]: j.state,
Out[6]: ('SUCCESSFUL', 'sirv_isoseq')

In [7]: import pbcommand; pbcommand.get_version()
Out[7]: '0.4.9'

Commandline Tool Interface to Services


This has been migrated to scala in smrtflow. Support for the python Client layer API will remain, however the python commandline tool is no longer installed by default and will be removed in a future version.